About our company


MS LORD KRISHNA COMPANY was started in the year 2010 and at that time this company was in timber business and gradually we also worked in real estate, government buildings and private building construction work.

In view of what are the things that are actually needed inside the building, it has been carefully examined and what level of things should be needed in a building, what should not be used in a good building.

Due to these types of things not being easily available in the market or available, it is not in the budget of every category of customer due to being very expensive, then our company registered its own brand under the name OXPAR and we Decided to start research on RECOMMENDED HARDWARE Items for every class of people and materials needed in building construction like plywood hardware products Manufacturer of all those products Selected the best Expert Manufacturers of India and those manufactures were given the design given by us. Our main objective is to provide the best quality to the customer at the minimum rate of interior products like Ply Board, Black Board, Flush Door, Brass Stainless-Steel etc. and got a good response in the market, in this way the work progressed. OXPAR has tie-up with good manufacturers in India, so the quality of OXPAR is increasing day by day.

Our company is also the main objective of the company that our customer should always be satisfied and happy because when the customer is happy then we will be happy automatically so you are most requested to try to understand the value of OXPAR and OXPAR will always give your money. understand the value


All carpenter brothers are requested that you understand the value of OXPAR, you should not fall in the trap of other international brands because their rates are empty but OXPAR is ready to give you very good quality in reasonable price once you must have OXPAR's product WHY USE AND SUPPORT OUR COME FOR MORE INFORMATION BY DOWNLOADING THE APP ON THE BOX OF GOOGLE PLAY STORE OR APPLE YOU CAN ALSO SEE THEIR WIDE PRODUCTS RANGE IF YOU WILL USE TO UNDERSTAND OUR VALUE, WE WILL BE SO HAPPY Thank you